About FATTA!


About Fatta
Fatta, meaning “get it” in Swedish, is a non-profit organisation for everyone who wants to get involved fighting against sexual violence and working towards consent in practice as well as legislation. We work with culture and politics as a tool, and do lectures, arrange events, write debate articles and produce a podcast. Fatta make clear demands at the same time as we offer concrete solutions. Become a member here.

The new law
On the first of July 2018, Sweden implemented a sexual assault legislation based on consent. A law that says that everything else but a yes, when it comes to sex, is a no. Fatta has since its start worked actively for this law to become a reality.

A culture built on consent
The fact that consent is now a foundation of the Swedish sexual assault legislation is a huge step, but the work against sexual violence is not over until we have a consent culture. That entails a culture and a society where free will is the basis of all interpersonal relationships. A society that is permeated with free will, reciprocity and respect. For the law to have its effect it is necessary for everyone to understand what consent is and what it means to practise consent in day-to-day life.

Fatta works in multiple ways to make this a reality. For instance we are lobbying for sex and consent education in schools and we also want the justice system to have relevant knowledge about what consent entails.

Consent makes the difference between sex and abuse. Sex is an interplay whose foundation is built on respect and mutuality, where consent should be a fact. That’s why we continue our work against sexual violence and towards consent in practice.

Our background
Fatta was founded September 9, 2013, in Sweden when three guys who were prosecuted for raping a girl with a glass bottle were cleared of charges by Umeå tingsrätt. The freeing verdict was the final straw for the organisations Femtastic and Make Equal who joined forces and decided to take action, and the result became FATTA!

It started with a collection of 150 anonymous stories of sexual abuse. The stories became the foundation for the song and music video “Fatta” by the artists Cleo, Syster Sol, Kristin Amparo and Nasteho Osman. That together with a debate article became the starting point of Fatta. Johanna N has since the start been making the Fatta jewellry, where all the earnings goes to Fatta.